Kicked out of Sears.

27 Jun

Hey peoples! I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating. It’s been over 10 days and it’s just so unlike me.

School ended on Friday and I’ve spent these last two days having fun with friends. Alyssa, Brooke, Allie, Nikki and I went to the mall and we got kicked out of Sears. Don’t hold it against me people, it wasn’t my fault. You can go ahead and blame Brooke for that one; she spilled her coffee on Allie and herself. Then Allie screamed and so did she then they spilled more all over a white shirt that was 24.99$. It resulted in Brooke buying the shirt and all of us getting kicked out of Sears by a huge, buff security guard because we were being “disruptive”.

I have more to post about, believe me so keep checking back :)


These made my list.

15 Jun

What’s happening in the life of Erin right now? Absolutely Nothing. It’s utterly and completely boring which would explain my lack of posting. I have nothing to write about. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Boring. Boring. Boring.

I was just watching TV a few minutes ago when a commercial came on FOR THE THIRD TIME WITHIN THE HOUR advertising the EZ Cracker. One of the most stupid commercials I’ve seen in a long time. It made my list.

Geee, I wonder why the eggs were breaking. Did yeah ever think about not smashing them against the counter when cracking them? “Insert the egg and SQUEEZE” Yeah, that’s what she said.

And now for the best one so far. My brothers and I laughed for 5 minutes straight after seeing this commercial. Watch it for yourself, I’m not even gonna get myself started about this one. The unfortunate thing is that some people actually fall for this crap.

I. Want. These. Socks.

6 Jun

My obsession for knee and patterned socks has increased.
I think I’m in love with these.
I. Want. Them. NOW.
But where can I find them?

MLIA’s of the month

1 Jun

It’s exam/test/final week this week and I’ll be honest, I am not enjoying it. I had a history exam today, it went so-so then I have a biology and math exam tomorrow which should go alright. I may fail the math but at least I’ll do well in biology. Haha.

I’ve decided to take a break from studying and because it is a new month; June 1st, I am going to post a  few of my favourite MyLifeIsAverage posts from the month of May. Oh, it’s so hard to choose.

Idk why but this one makes me laugh each time.
Today, i was setting up Microsoft word on my computer. a notice popped up on the screen asking me who to licence the product to. i decided to put “kill” now every time i start up word, it says “this product is licenced to kill” MLIA.

Never noticed!
Today, a friend announced that the Geico commercials were flawed because real geckos don’t blink. I nodded thoughtfully in agreement until another friend pointed out that he also talks. MLIA

Poor girl :(
Today, while showering at the gym, I heard a girl in the stall next to me singing Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas. She stopped singing after the first verse and after hearing all those MLIA stories about singing in snychronisation with random strangers in the shower, I decided to continue singing where she left off. But no, she did not join in and we didn’t high five at the end. She was silent and it was just awkward. MLIA.

Hilarious, sounds like something Rachel would do :P
Today was my mother’s birthday. I painted her a picture of a fish. My brother bought her a floating bath radio. My sister gave her a glow-in-the-dark condom, in front of everyone, including our grandmas. I love my sister. MLIA.

Well put.
Today a Yahoo! rep came to speak to my class for career day. He Started off by saying “Every Time you google somthing a kitten dies.” ididn’t know this war was so intense. mlia

Hahaha! I think I’m gonna order myself a snuggie some day.
Today, I got my friends and I kicked out of wal-mart. Why you ask? Becuase I was skipping down the aisles singing the circle of life in my brand new pink snuggie. MLIA

I’m gonna try this with Kitty!
Today, my mom walked into the kitchen to find me standing on a chair, holding my orange kitten and singing The Circle of Life. She didn’t say anything, because she is used to it. MLIA

There were some other ones but I had to pick and choose. Go to MyLifeIsAverage for more :)

Dear Me,

30 May

I found this really cool site where you can send an e-mail to yourself but set it to the time you want it sent at. Like in 6 months, 5 years or 20 years. GO HERE! I sent myself one that I will be receiving on May 30, 2011.

Dear Me,

Exactly a year ago you wrote this while sitting on your bed drinking a Frappuccino from Starbucks. One year ago you were 16 years old, still haven’t gotten your drivers license, boyfriend-less and job-less. 

I hope by the time you re-read this on May 30, 2011 your life has completely changed for the better. Erin, I’m fucking serious. You need to do something with your life because right now, it’s going no where.

By the time you re-read this, I expect you to have a decent paying job because you know you’re sick of hearing your parents nag you everyday at dinner about getting a job. I would also expect you to stop being scared to drive. You know you would love to drive, it’s would be your access pass to total freedom. Getting yourself a new boyfriend that actually gives a fuck about you would be nice too but no pressure.

I wonder if you remember writing this yourself. Do ya? It would be funny if you don’t because you know you’d completely freak yourself out with this. Well, if you can’t remember writing this at all might as well have fun with it, right? You were lying on your tummy facing the end of your bed. You were wearing your over-sized gray sweater that reads the name of the highschool you currently attend and your recently bought jeans. A pink and a white sock are lying on the floor by the mirror across from you. Oh, you just scratched your nose. You just LOL-ed at yourself. Okay, now I kind of want you to forget that you wrote this because I want to freak you out.

Well Erin, it’s time for you to go now and you’ll see yourself in a year. 



26 May

Did anyone see Glee last night? I DID! It was the Lady GaGa episode and Rachel and her mom sung a duet to Poker Face. Absolutely amazing.

It took me about half an hour until I figured out how to put a video in here. Listen to it. Now.

I was a little disappointed when Sue didn’t appear in the episode. I thought she would :(

I went a little crazy.

24 May

not my pic, google it.

Post Edit: I completely forgot to put this post in italics. How could I? 

Old Navy is having a sale on flip-flops. Only 1$ for ONE PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS plus tax of course which is like 15 cents extra per pair. How amazing is that? 

Alissa and I, the ones who have a flip-flop/sandal obsession, ran over to Old Navy and bought ourselves some flippy floppies… A lot of flippy floppies.. 

I got a pink pair, a yellow pair, a green pair, a white pair, a grey pair, a purple pair, an orange pair and finally a blue pair. Kailey came too and she picked out 3 pairsand  Ray, Nikki and Liv asked me to grab them each a pair. Alissa only bought 3. I must of looked like an idiot in line but I was happy :) 

The best 16.01$ I’ve ever spent.